Psychological Therapy

We conduct a thorough, holistic and evidence-based approach to ensure provision of the highest quality service we believe our clients deserve. 

Whether you are looking for brief counselling, longer-term psychotherapy, or life coaching we are confident we can help.  It is also common not to know what you need, but simply realise that you need to make a change in your life, or need support at this time.  We aim to make this process as easy and transparent as possible for our clients.  In the rare event that we are unable to accommodate you, then we can offer signposting to other services which may be more suitable, as we appreciate how hard it can be finding the right practitioner and service.

90 minute extended therapy session


60 minute couples session


Supervision (individual & group)

Individual and group clinical supervision for qualified professionals in mental health care such as psychologists, therapists, counsellors, care workers, mental health nurses etc.

We can also offer reflective practice groups for organisations in the care sector who wish to have a more psychologically informed environment.  This is different to clinical supervision, but focusses more on utilising psychological theory and evidence to promote personal and professional self-reflection in order to improve practice.

CPD, training and workshops are dependent on individual requirements, therefore will be agreed on a case-by–case basis.  Please contact to discuss pricing.

90 minute clinical supervision session


Group supervision rates vary dependent on timing and size of group, therefore please contact us for a price.

CPD, Training & Workshops

There are many different bespoke opportunities on offer for training, workshops and CPD.  The below list gives an idea of the types of subjects and skills which can be covered, but is not exclusive.  Please enquire if you would like to find out if we can offer training in other areas.

  • Assertiveness training – getting more of what you need
  • Mindfulness skills training – train your mind to improve concentration and focus
  • Communication skills training – learn how to communicate more effectively and improve relationships
  • Mental health first aid – learn the first signs of mental health issues and how best to respond
  • Relaxation practice – reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood
  • Managing anxiety and panic – create a toolbox to better manage your distress
  • Stress management – recognise the first signs of stress and how to manage it
  • Basic CBT skills training – introduction to the basic theory of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and simple skills to better mental wellbeing
  • Dealing with procrastination and time management – start getting things done and feel more productive
  • Building on self-esteem – learn how to feel better about yourself
  • Goal setting and future planning – how to set SMART goals and achieve them
  • Perfectionism – a less than perfect trait and how to aspire to more realistic expectations
  • Sleep management – recognising signs of sleep disturbance and basic sleep hygiene techniques to get a more rested nights sleep

Group CPD training and workshop rates vary dependent on timing and size of group, therefore please contact us for a price.