Where To Find Us

Remote sessions are available Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and Thursdays from 8:30am until 3pm.  The preferred medium for this is through secure medical video conferencing called VSee.

It does not require an account to use and is very user friendly with a link directing you to the virtual waiting room where your clinician will allow you entry when your session is due to begin.  It is fully encrypted, safe and reliable as it functions on a lower bandwidth than other video conferencing platforms.

Opening Times

Tuesday 8am – 2pm

Wednesday & Thursday 8am – 4pm


The Wellbeing Rooms

5A Kirk Rd,
Bearsden, Glasgow
G61 3RG


Remote Sessions

Tuesday 9am – 12pm

Wednesday 9am – 12pm

Thursday 8:30am – 3pm

How We Work

Dr Stone Elevate runs a fully remote service.  Therefore therapy and coaching sessions will be offered online or via telephone.


For business consultation or workshops it is possible to negotiate workplace visits where appropriate.