I am so TIRED!!!!!!

What helps you to refresh and recharge your energy levels?




If you have been feeling overly tired recently – 
Firstly it is important to listen to your body.  It is most likely trying to tell you something important, so do not ignore it and try to solider on.  I speak from experience.
Review the below list, and figure out what may be going on for you.  Accept how you are feeling and remind yourself this is temporary.  Forgive yourself for any mistakes you feel you have been making,  and start making some changes. 

(This was me genuinely feeling very tired myself, and the reason I felt inspired to write this post.  I know I am not alone.  But I also know I can make some changes and regain my energy)





Are you possibly:

  • Expecting too much of yourself at the moment – lower those expectations.
  • Spinning too many plates – choose to put some down.
  • Making yourself ever busy to distract away from the pain of the current situation – find ways to slow down and make sure to prioritise time for your self care.
  • Desperately trying to meet high standards at work and/or at home  – lower those standards.
  • Isolating yourself from others – spend time with people who care about you, and help to raise you up.  Even if it’s just texts or calls.
  • Not sleeping enough or taking enough breaks – focus on sleep hygiene and schedule regular breaks into your day.
  • In need of a blood test to check if there could be a physiological imbalance – make an appointment with your GP and ask for a full blood count. Anaemia and other vitamin deficiencies can be a common missed reason for prolonged tiredness,  so no harm in checking!
  • Recovering from a stressful time in your life – find ways to slow down and allow yourself the recovery time you need.
  • Lying around the house too much due to lack of motivation – schedule regular activity,  even if its just going for a short walk each day. Listen to motivational music or audiobook to inspire you.
  • Eating too many foods with high fat and sugar content to compensate – focus on trying to eat a clean and healthy balanced diet that sustains you.
  • Drinking too much coffee, energy drinks, or alcohol – reduce those down gradually and try to come off them. These may feel like they help in the short term,  but they negatively impact on tiredness levels in the longer term.
  • Smoking too much. – again reduce down or try to stop.  Nicotine is a stimulant and much like the above point,  they worsen tiredness levels.
  • Not drinking enough water – keep a bottle of water with you at all times to encourage you to sip regularly.  You would be surprised how often something as simple as mild dehydration can cause excess tiredness.
  • Spending too much time on electronic devices – monitor your use of these then try to reduce down,  perhaps have dedicated screen-free time each day. Or even better a screen free day!
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your workload – find ways to prioritise, delegate and say no.
  • Stuck in rut, automatically going through life like groundhog day – evaluate what may be missing from your life, what’s important to you, and what your values are.  Then set some goals and take some baby steps towards these.


We all feel tired now and then, that’s normal!  BUT with the pandemic, and our systems constantly being in threat mode this has become the new norm for many.  You don’t have to accept this.  You can start to make some changes to improve your energy levels,  and start to feel reinvigorated again.


What have you got to lose?!


If you feel you have tried all these things, and the tiredness does not subside then please consult your GP again as it may be worthwhile checking if there is an underlying condition affecting this.